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20 Years of Experience and Innovation in Smart Technology

With over two decades of experience, the Eutech Group develops and implements smart technology for workplaces, buildings and cities. Our innovative solutions are offered across 15 countries, 7 smart precincts and cities and over 300m square footage of spaces.

Our mission at Eutech is to make Hybrid Work and Low Carbon easily accessible to every organisation in the world by removing silos and creating an open Ecosystem.

Accelerating the global transition to a Low Carbon economy through simplified and more accessible Smart Workplace Technology

Dr. Hari Gunasingham
Founder & CEO

The challenges we help you solve



    Global carbon emissions are produced by the building industry.


    We provide a full range of smart and innovative energy conservation and optimisation solutions and services to help you improve energy efficiency and make gains through renewable energy generation, as well as to enhance the indoor environment quality of your office, building or portfolio of buildings.


    Singapore carbon tax rates will be multiplied by 16 from 2022 to 2030.


    To combat this, Spaceworx has curated best-in-class software, hardware and services from around the world to create bundle solutions that help reduce your carbon emissions and take you on a journey to a net zero energy building.


    Landlords save up to 32% with smart HVAC and lighting systems.


    Our Smart Workplace solutions include a solution-bundle that links occupancy sensors with your space’s lighting and HVAC systems, to automate power usage and heating and cooling of your space based on occupancy, in order to reduce energy costs.


    Smart buildings achieve a 37% premium in rents relative to non-smart buildings


    Our smart building solutions help create the perfect indoor environment involving lighting, temperature and ventilation, helping you attract premium tenants while prioritising your current tenants’ wellbeing and satisfaction.

Live Examples of What We Do

  • Spaceworx Marketplace Launches 15 New Solution Bundles

    The Spaceworx Marketplace recently launched 15 new solution “bundles”, bringing together innovative technology and hardware, and providing clients a variety of smart solutions to optimise the operations of their spaces, offices and buildings, across three specific journeys – Smart Facilities Management, Smart Workplace and Net Zero. Learn more on how these smart solutions can help you manage your spaces more efficiently at Spaceworx Marketplace.

  • Spaceworx Partner Programme Enhances Visibility, Activities and Benefits

    Partnering with Spaceworx is more than just a business deal. It comes with a host of benefits and exchange of knowledge, which can benefit both parties and our clients. Open to product suppliers, service providers, and system integrators, our partnership programme gives you access to a large PropTech ecosystem to accelerate transformation in the built industry. Learn more about becoming a Spaceworx Partner at Partners – Spaceworx

  • SSI’s Satisfied Global Customers

    We are delighted that we have had the opportunity to work with a number of great clients, who have placed their trust in our services to help them in their journey to digitally transform their spaces to make them sustainable, productive and resilient.
    SSI’s customers include some of the largest global entities, including internationally acclaimed shopping malls, international airports, mixed development urban projects, industrial cities and the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project, in locations that include Dubai, Malta, Singapore, KSA and Doha. Find out more about who they are.

  • Memoori White Paper

    Spaceworx partnered with the experts in smart building industry research, Memoori, to develop the White Paper, “How Can Smart Building Technology Become Mainstream?” Through in-depth research, interviews and surveys, the publication discusses the importance of smart building technology and the constraints faced by users in the real estate industry, thus keeping them from implementing the technology in their buildings. The possible solutions are also showcased with solutions provided by Spaceworx, which can help owners transform their buildings into smart ones.

  • Lucy Experience Portal

    Integrating the workflows of your smart spaces and their users is only the first step. The Lucy Experience Portal gives you a detailed visual look into how your workplace is operating and helps you make more informed decisions, with real-time data on metrics, visualization and actionable insights. Want to know more about the Portal’s features and benefits? Visit Lucy (lucyinthesky.io)

  • How Smart City Platforms Drive Innovation

    Ever wondered how smart city platforms have evolved over time? Lakshita Wijerathne, Chief Operating Officer of iviva and Chief Executive Officer of Spaceworx went into detail on this topic, when he took part at the panel discussion of the Madinah Smart City Forum 2022. Read more on his insights and how iviva can help transform your city.

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