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20 Years of Experience and Innovation in Smart Technology

With over two decades of experience, the Eutech Group develops and implements smart technology for workplaces, buildings and cities. Our innovative solutions are offered across 15 countries, 7 smart precincts and cities and over 300m square footage of spaces.

Our mission at Eutech is to make Hybrid Work and Low Carbon easily accessible to every organisation in the world by removing silos and creating an open Ecosystem.

Accelerating the global transition to a Low Carbon economy through simplified and more accessible Smart Workplace Technology

Dr. Hari Gunasingham
Founder & CEO

The challenges we help you solve



    Global carbon emissions are produced by the building industry.


    We provide a full range of smart and innovative energy conservation and optimisation solutions and services to help you improve energy efficiency and make gains through renewable energy generation, as well as to enhance the indoor environment quality of your office, building or portfolio of buildings.


    Singapore carbon tax rates will be multiplied by 16 from 2022 to 2030.


    To combat this, Spaceworx has curated best-in-class software, hardware and services from around the world to create bundle solutions that help reduce your carbon emissions and take you on a journey to a net zero energy building.


    Landlords save up to 32% with smart HVAC and lighting systems.


    Our Smart Workplace solutions include a solution-bundle that links occupancy sensors with your space’s lighting and HVAC systems, to automate power usage and heating and cooling of your space based on occupancy, in order to reduce energy costs.


    Smart buildings achieve a 37% premium in rents relative to non-smart buildings


    Our smart building solutions help create the perfect indoor environment involving lighting, temperature and ventilation, helping you attract premium tenants while prioritising your current tenants’ wellbeing and satisfaction.

Live Examples of What We Do

  • Smart Workplace Superapp

    Lucy, the Smart Workplace Superapp integrates Smart Buildings, Facilities Management, IoT, and Business Processes into a single, user-friendly platform. Powered by AI, it allows users to build customised solutions using pre-built blocks, and offers an array of features, including workflow automation, dashboard creation, and mobile app support to enhance the employee experience. Lucy’s key features include desk and room booking, visitor management, wayfinding, access control, and more.

  • Blog Post – The Green Revolution: Achieving Net Zero Emissions in Facilities Management

    The blog post highlights the critical role that facilities management teams play in reducing carbon footprints, as evidenced by the commitment of top CEOs to cut building-related emissions significantly by 2030 and reach full net-zero carbon status by 2050. It dives into the concept of net-zero emissions and explains how facilities management’s responsibilities encompass the planning, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, directly influencing their carbon impact.

  • Spaceworx Marketplace

    The Spaceworx Marketplace revolutionises the way landlords, tenants, building operators, and System Integrators engage with integrated digital solutions. It empowers users to “compose” their customised solutions using building blocks, including pre-integrated products, pre-configured automations and access to expert service providers. The platform simplifies the procurement and lifecycle management of smart solutions, offering value-added services to navigate the complexities of smart building digital twins and workplaces.

  • Blog Post – Sustainable Building Solutions to Save Energy and Cost

    This blog post explores the critical role of sustainable building solutions in addressing the global challenges of increasing energy demand and combating climate change. It underscores the need for energy-efficient and eco-friendly building practices as a means to create both greener and cost-effective structures. Additionally, it outlines the indirect environmental benefits of practices such as resource conservation, better air quality, and stormwater management.

  • Our Smart Workplace, Building and City Projects

    iviva’s project portfolio in the areas of Smart Workplace, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities serves as a testament to the company’s visionary approach in reshaping built environments. These projects vividly showcase iviva’s expertise in seamlessly harmonising innovation, operational efficiency and sustainable practices, forging a path towards smarter, adaptable and more resilient built environments and optimised ways of operations.

  • iviva Partner Programme

    The iviva Partner Programme invites System Integrators (SIs) to join a global network of partners and gain new opportunities with iviva’s comprehensive suite of applications. Partners can deliver personalised and unified services to a vast client base, driving sales and revenue growth while expanding their expertise with exclusive tools and shared insights. From Building Management Systems (BMS) and workplace integration to IT and security, they can enhance the design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructures.

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